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I'm very English. I'm white. I mean, I'm so pale. With spray tans they start peeling and start getting really dirty looking.

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This Is How Koalas Run

thank you

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Sebastian Stan at the world premiere of Captain America

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First name: Hanna Nickname: arfira (I know it's your twitter nick and honestly couldn't think of any better xD) Age: 23 Gender: female Nationality: polish Relationship status: currently munching over Sebastian Stan (but single) Likes: FMX, Avengers, Sebastian Stan, Cpt. America, koalas, Aussie and French guys Dislikes: arrogant and rude people (?) Random fact: highly skilled at nail artAsked By - notbeautifulbutdefinitelyafreak

Awww 100% correct

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damn karne

It’s not that I study, but I know I have to. Procrastination level hard.

Sam Claflin interviewed by Extra (21/04/14)

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